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3303010/8/2022N9:00 amNDoug Allen 3NGU14R1United G09 Reign vs United G09 Dynamo
3303110/8/2022N9:30 amNCanyon Park MSNBU13R1United B10 Goal Strikers vs United B10 Stingers
3303210/8/2022N11:00 amNCanyon Park MSNGU16R1United G08 Pandas vs Juanita G07 Cheetahs
3303310/8/2022N1:00 pmNCanyon Park MSNGU13R1United G10 Blue Lightning vs United G10 Firecrackers
3303410/8/2022N1:30 pmNNorth Creek 1NGU13R2United G10 Mystics vs Eastlake G10 Hot Shots
3303510/8/2022N1:30 pmNNorth Creek 4NGU14R1United G09 Red Hots vs United G09 Lightning Bolts
3278610/8/2022E2:00 pmEChief Kanim 1EGU16R1North Bend G08 Reign vs Fall City G07 Olaniran (Strikers)
3306410/8/2022E12:30 pmEChinook MS (Upper/Grass)EBU13R1BUFC B10 Eagles vs United B10 Rocket Bears
3306510/8/2022E2:00 pmEChinook MS (Upper/Grass)EGU14R1BUFC G09 Red Tigers vs BUFC G09 Starz
3306610/8/2022E3:30 pmEChinook MS (Upper/Grass)EGU13R1BUFC G10 Wolfpack vs Juanita G10 Stars/Wolves
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1Certain Matches have the Date, Time, and Field assignment associated with the Match directly managed by another Site (called the SourceSource Site). Small letters (E=EKCSRA, N=NYSA) indicate which data has been loaded from the Source site. District II offers the display here as an aid to our District Teams, but we are not directly responsible for Schedule changes associated with these Matches (ALWAYS remember to check in with your opposing team BEFORE the Match Date).

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