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District IIDistrict II permits any Site VisitorVisitor to view certain information (like the page you are currently reading), but will require your SiteName and Password in order for you to access the Private Areas of the WebSite. Please read over the following possibilities with regards to your SiteNameSiteName and Password and follow the instructions that match your situation:

You know your District II SiteName and your Password
Access the Logon page, enter your SiteName and Password into the web form you see on the page and click the "Logon" button.
You know your District II SiteName, but have forgotten your password
Access the Logon: Reset Password page, enter your SiteName and an Email address associated with the SiteName in the web form you see and click the "Request" button. If you've entered an appropriate combination of SiteName+Email Address (one on file with www.wsysad2.org), the Site will send a message to the Email address. Retrieve your Email and follow the instructions there. Enjoy!
You are involved with District II, but have no idea what your SiteName and Password is
If you believe your SiteName and Email address is correctly on file with District II , follow the instructions under "You know your Name, but have forgotten your password". If you discover your name and Email is NOT on file, follow the final instructions below.
You are not currently a District II Participant (Coach, Referee, Parent, etc.).
Contact the Site Administration staff via Email at webmaster@wsysad2.org and ask them to provide you with your District II SiteName and Password. Of course, send along your Name (First, Middle, and Lasdt) as well as the Email address that identifies you.

But, without regard for how you finally gain access to our site, please:

Set your Password to a proper value and protect it!

Anyone that figures out your SiteName and Password combination will be able to logon to the Site as you and the Site will think they are you (that's not so good ... and it would nice to avoid this by setting your password properly).

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